Posters and Presentations

I have had many fantastic opportunities to present peer-reviewed posters & presentations at various conferences and meetings across the United States. Check them out below.

Peer-reviewed Posters

Hammersmith, L., & Anderson, M. C. Are they watching? Two years of a flipped health sciences curriculum. EDUCAUSE, October 14-17, 2019; Chicago, IL.

Hammersmith, L., Berrocal, Y., Fisher, J., & Anderson, M. A peer-reviewed model to support faculty-produced video micro-lectures in a flipped medical curriculum. AAMC Information Technology in Academic Medicine, June 5-9, 2018; Austin, TX.

Anderson, M., Love, L., Yingling, S., & Hyderi, A. The squeaky wheel gets the grease? Insights and impacts during resource-challenged curricular transformation. 21st Annual International Association of Medical Science Educators, June 10-13, 2017;  Burlington, VT.

Nance, A., Anderson, M., Rudnicki, A., & Hillard, M. Instructional design in medical education. AAMC Information Technology in Academic Medicine, May 9-12, 2017; Atlanta, GA.

Anderson, M., Armstrong, A., Aument, K., Halsted, D., Okon, T., & Prater, V.  Best practices for teaching with technology. TechTeach, October 2014; Chicago, IL.

Anderson, M., & Mann, J. Flipping the college of medicine on its side. University of Illinois at Chicago IT Professionals Forum, April 23, 2014; Chicago, IL.

Peer-reviewed Presentations & Proceedings

Tawfik, A. A., Fowlin, J., Kelley, K., Anderson, M., & Vann, S. W. (April 2019). Supporting case-based reasoning in pharmacy through case sequencing. American Educational Research Association (AERA), Toronto, Canada.

Adult Learning Research: Promoting Innovative Session Formats. (January 2019). Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA), Pittsburgh, PA. Invited presentation.

Technology-Assisted Flipped Medical Education: Faculty Created Learning Modules, AAMC Information Technology in Academic Medicine, June 2018; Austin, TX

Issues in Interviewing, Qualitative Inquiry Collaborative, April 2018; DeKalb, IL

Take Your IDEA (Instructional Design & Educational Activities) to the Next Level, Generalists in Medical Education, November, 2017; Boston, MA*
* as I was not able to be present in-person, I pre-recorded my part.

We Need an Instructional Designer! Six Essential Questions You Should Ask Before, During, and After You Hire, Central Group on Educational Affairs, March 2017; Chicago, IL

Are You with Me? Use of Web-Based Student Response Tools, TechTeach 2015: Building Your Own Student Success, October 2015; Chicago, IL

Making Tutorials with Amy Blevins and Max Anderson [Online], Medical Library Association Educational Media and Technologies Section, July 2015

Delving into Distance Support: Instructional Design, Library Role, and Social Media [Online], Medical Library Association Educational Media and Technologies Section, September 2014

Flipping the College of Medicine on Its Side [Workshop], TechTeach 2014: Engaging Learners at a New Level, October 2014; Chicago, IL

@beffuh and @maxlibris Show You the Ropes: Tweeting at Professional Conferences, Mobile Computing in Medical Education Conference, Indiana University School of Medicine, May 2013; Indianapolis, IN

There’s An App For That: The Use Of Mobile Devices, Apps And Resources For Health And Sci-Tech Librarians And Their Users, American Library Association, June 2013; Chicago, IL

How Educational Technology Can Impact Health Sciences Education, IAECT (Illinois Association for Educational Communications & Technology), October 2012; Chicago, IL