Redesigned Online Course for Northern Illinois University V2

After redesigning and teaching ETT 555 Media Design: Multimedia at Northern Illinois University (NIU) in summer 2020, I realized that the Ultra view in Blackboard wasn’t really cutting it so I went back to the Original view for spring 2021. I relied upon my own instructional design skills as well as feedback from students and my mentor, Dr. Cindy York.

Here are some images of the changes I made for this offering. This first set of images show the Announcements page and the Welcome page. (Note the arrow to see the other image in the gallery).

Here is the schedule for the course. The image is pretty long and unwieldy to show it visually here. When you click on the image in the link, it shows up quite large so you may have to scroll left / right to view all of it.

Below is a sample of a weekly module. This one shows week 5 of an 8-week course.

Here, you can see the assignments for the course.

Finally, here is an example of a rubric for an assignment. All assignments have specific rubrics attached to them.

The course still has a few weeks to go this spring, but I will certainly review feedback on it if I end up teaching it again.

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