Creating Interactive Modules Using Articulate Rise & Storyline

For the Illinois Medicine Curriculum (IMC), I collaborate with faculty to create educational modules using Articulate Rise and Storyline. Here are some examples of my work. The Articulate team at the University of Illinois College of Medicine (UICOM) has made 40+ modules since 2019 and I developed and/or designed the ones listed below.

M1 Courses (first year of medical school)

Block 1: Body Systems and Homeostasis I

Block 2: Pathogenesis

Block 3: Skin, Muscle, & Movement

Block 4: Circulation and Respiration

Block 5: Digestion and Homeostasis II

M2 Courses (second year of medical school)

Block 6: Brain and Behavior

Block 7: Regulation and Reproduction

Block 8: Synthesis

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