Faculty-created Micro-lectures

I have worked closely with our faculty to prepare them for teaching in different modalities. One of these is to create pre-recorded short, succinct videos as preparation work for students before they attend an active learning session.

Redesigning UICOM Phase 1 Curriculum

In preparation for the newly redesigned curriculum that debuted in fall 2017, I presented a design mock-up with a colleague from our Peoria campus to faculty and administration to demonstrate how to create connections between various services that students, staff, and faculty use. This is specific to ‘phase 1’ of the curriculum, which includes the M1 and M2 years.

Redesigning UICOM Phase 2 Curriculum

The University of Illinois College of Medicine (UICOM) is currently underway in redesigning the curriculum from the ground up. Phase 2 of the curriculum at UICOM involves what is typically known as the 3rd year of medical school (M3) and required / optional clerkships to complete.

Developing the UICOM Faculty & Staff Website

I created and maintain a website for faculty development and best practices for faculty and staff.


At the University of Illinois College of Medicine (UICOM), we subscribe to a self-paced study tool called Osmosis for student and faculty use. Over the 4+ years we have been using it, it has proved to be very popular with students and faculty alike.

Ally Implementation for Accessiblity

Ally is a product for accessibility that is currently in the pilot stage at the University of Illinois (UIC). The pilot started in fall 2019 and included instructional designers from all colleges with one and certain faculty to test it out. The Ally system checks materials that are uploaded to Blackboard to ensure that they are accessible to all people. It uses machine learning algorithms to check uploaded documents and makes suggestions for how to improve them.

Creating Interactive Modules Using Articulate Rise & Storyline

For the Illinois Medicine Curriculum (IMC), I collaborated with faculty to create educational modules using Articulate Rise. Here are some examples of my work. After many years of campaigning for the college to purchase a subscription to Articulate, I was successful and we even got a team license so some anatomy faculty could create their own modules.

Redesigned Online Course for Northern Illinois University

For summer 2020, I redesigned a graduate course called Media Design: Multimedia (ETT 555) and taught it during an 8-week term. I converted the course to Blackboard Ultra view from the Original view for this particular delivery. As it turned out, the version of Blackboard Ultra used for this course was lacking in some useful functionality for both instructors and students.

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