Course (Re) Design

Here are some courses I either designed completely or redesigned from a previous version.

Northeastern Illinois University

Course: HRD 406: Instructional Design in Human Resource Development

Summary of (re)design: For this course, I was hired to teach it as an adjunct for spring 2021 (the first time). Northeastern Illinois University uses D2L / Brightspace as their LMS and I was more familiar with Blackboard, so I took a little time to get familiar with the system. I specifically requested to not see a version of the course taught by other instructors so I could ‘start fresh’ and make it my own. In spring 2021, I taught it as a 16-week course. In 2022, it will be as an 8-week course, which is requiring a rethinking of readings, attendance requirements, and weekly activities.

Northern Illinois University

  • ETT 561: Human Resource Development
  • ETT 555: Media Design: Multimedia
  • ETT 553:  Ethics & Professional Standards in Instructional Technology
  • ETT 535: Distance Education-Design and Delivery
  • ETT 310: Instructional Design Models, Strategies, and Tactics
  • ETT 510: Instructional Media and Technology
  • ETT 740: Seminar: Educational Technology Foundations
  • ETT 511: Advanced Instructional Media Design
  • ETT 229: Computers in Education, Spring 2017-Spring 2019

University of Illinois College of Medicine

  • ELEC 599: Radiology / Surgery / Anatomy
  • ELEC 494: Genes, Drugs, & Practical Application in Medicine
  • ELEC 670: Advanced Radiology
  • ELEC 670: Radiology
  • ELEC 600: Artificial and Augmented Intelligence in Medicine
  • CLER 672: Laboratory Medicine
  • ELEC 620: Narrative Medicine
  • Neuropsychiatry
  • Neuropsychiatry Perspectives
  • Ophthalmology