The Big Picture

Max Anderson in UICOM AuditoriumAs an instructional designer, I find it a little challenging to respond to someone who asks: “what do you do?” People usually mis-hear and think I said ‘industrial engineer,’ ‘interior designer,’ or something like it. In my experience, if you ask 10 instructional designers what they do, you will probably get upwards of 8-9 different responses. This does not help with clarity of what an instructional designer actually does, does it!? If you know someone who does this kind of work, ask them. Look at job descriptions for instructional designers to see what is expected. remember, just because it’s in the job description, does not mean you have to have expertise in that area.

I am currently the Director of Instructional Design and Learning Innovation at the University of Illinois College of Medicine (UICOM).  Previously, I was the first instructional designer hired at the college of medicine, and my current role is also the first position of its kind at the university.

I am a PhD candidate at Northern Illinois University in Instructional Technology investigating acceptance and use of educational technology in medical education; I expect to complete my dissertation and graduate by May 2020.